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Posigent will help your restaurant survive COVID-19 closures

with our Dine.Direct service, at a huge discount.

Stop paying 3rd party tech companies outrageous fees. Our smart menu technology drives larger orders, happier customers and promotes your brand. Dine.Direct by Posigent gives you everything your restaurant needs to offer touch-less order, payment and delivery. We will help you survive COVID-19

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Posigent Blueprint


An affordable service that manages delivery and take-out orders from start to finish.

Dine.Direct is easy for restaurants to set up and runs in Posigent's AI cloud. It is accessed by a browser from any device.

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POWERFUL Combination

Employees and Technology

Employees are the heart of your business. They connect with your customers and each other in ways no computer could ever do.

Give them the technology the need and they will transform your store.

Posigent Blueprint

Augmented Retail

This Blueprint gives your sales associates access to specific customer insights and complete product information. It uses advanced AI to suggest "Next Best Action".

Posigent's Augmented Retail Blueprint will grow ticket size, improve customer satisfaction and increase sales associate moral.