Blueprints from Posigent

Affordable step-by-step solutions, technology and human support, guaranteed to build your business.


Posigent Blueprints are priced to scale with your business success. Blueprints start at just a few hundred dollars a month. Then, as you see the results, you can crank up the power and enjoy even greater return on investment.


Step-by-Step Guides

Every Posigent Blueprint includes a step-by-step guide that takes the guesswork out of the setup. Our guides keep you in-the-know and in control, every step of the way.


Advanced Technology

Amazon uses advanced technology and Artificial Intelligence to attract, understand, serve and delight their customers.

Why shouldn't you?

Artificial Intelligence

From multilingual, natural language chat to gender segmentation assignment Posigent weaves Artificial Intelligence (AI) into technology supporting every Blueprint.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are used in many of Posigent Blueprints including Store Giveaways, Enhanced Retail Awareness and Store Security.

Advanced Hardware

Posigent scanners and terminals are the most advanced in the industry. They support ID validation (including passports), customer check-in, point of sale and customer history.

Hybrid Cloud

There are few things more frustrating than having your business crippled by a failed hard-drive or busted internet connection. Our Blueprints use hybrid cloud technology to keep your business running smoothly.

Big Data Analytics

Many Blueprints collect data about your customers and what they want. We use industry leading data mining techniques to reveal actionable insights to improve your business.

Merlin Chat

Merlin Chat is a natural language text message AI who can engage your customers with precision in 3 different languages, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

results guaranteed

Posigent Blueprints are guaranteed to deliver success

Our promise is simple. Use any of our blueprints for 90 days then decide if you are satisfied with the results. If you're not impressed, we'll close your account and refund all subscription fees. Check our terms of service for the complete details.