CRA invites you to be the first to use Dine.Direct’s order and delivery platform

Natasha Price
CRA Partner Care Manager.
Ken Irvine
A Dine.Direct Founder & Restaurant Owner.
Kathie Griley
CRA Vice President of Membership.
New revenue sources are critical for our members as we tackle COVID-19 restrictions. The CRA and Dine.Direct are partnering to bring CRA members reduced pricing on the Dine.Direct online ordering system.

What you get with Dine.Direct

  • Save a ton of money wasted on food platforms
  • Build a direct connection to your customers
  • Take control of your order and delivery process

Setup takes a little effort but the ROI is immediate. 

Save 75% on delivery costs



What would you do with an extra $6,300 per month?

* Assuming your team member makes $14/hr and 10 min per delivery. 
** Estimated cost of liability insurance is $467 per month.
*** Assuming $300 per month for Social Media promotion, if you want to.
**** Customers choose gratuity amount during the order process. You control this money – there is no server to pay.

Don’t want your own drivers and insurance?

Dine.Direct can help. Our system connects to Postmates who charges $6 for close deliveries and a bit more as delivery distance increases.

Stuff you'll need

To set up Dine.Direct, you’ll probably need to buy a couple of printers: one for the kitchen and one for your expo station (Epson M30ii or T20ii). They are about $225 each. Dine.Direct can help you source them. You will need a computer or tablet to run the Dine.Direct management screen in a browser and to spend several hours with our Restaurant Happiness Team to set up your restaurant and online menu.

You’ve got the golden ticket!

Before making the solution available to all members,
we are inviting hand-picked members join the CRA
pilot of 150 restaurants. 

During this pilot, the Dine.Direct folks are interested
to learn how to best offer their system to a wide variety
of CRA members, from taco stands to fine dining. 

Exclusive to the pilot you will receive a Marketing Kit
worth $420 for free. This Kit will analyze and repair your online presence. The Marketing Kit contains:

  • Website button
  • Local search audit report
  • Review of your online presence
  • Repair of incorrect listings and duplicate information that are costing you customers
  • Delivery insert design
  • Banner design for your restaurant
  • Flyer design with QR code

As a pilot participant, you’ll also receive: 

  • Extra personalized attention during system setup.
  • Guidance with photography and food images.
  • A direct line to request additional features.
  • The admiration of all the restaurants who have to wait in line for the Dine.Direct system.

Dine.Direct services are available for a flat fee of just $1 per order.
This special pricing will last at least through the end of 2020.   

  • No sign-up fees
  • No contracts
  • No monthly fees
  • No volume commitments
  • No minimum terms

Ken Irvine discusses the small footprint setup of Dine.Direct in his San Diego bistro, Bleu Boheme.