An affordable service for restaurants that manages online orders, delivery and take-out. Dine.Direct grows restaurant profits.

Dine.Direct's Artificial Intelligence Powers:
  • Ordering
  • Payment
  • Kitchen Scheduling
  • Pickup & Delivery
  • Customer Feedback

This solution is easy to set up, runs in Posigent's AI cloud and is accessed by a browser from any device.

What is Dine.Direct?

"Survive the Pandemic" pricing

Posigent is giving Dine.Direct to every restaurant who wants it, for a flat fee of just $1 per order - no monthly fees, no volume commitments, no minimum term. This special pricing will last at least through the end of 2020. No credit card needed -- No commitment required. We want to help your restaurant survive this disaster. Our team can't cook, but we can code. We built a really great ordering, payment and delivery system, and we are hopeful it will help you survive this COVID mess. Use Dine.Direct today and bring more money into your restaurant.


Smart Menu

  • Drives Larger Orders
  • Easy for Customers to Use
  • Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Kitchen Management

  • AI managed schedule
  • Never overloaded
  • Automatic notifications

AI Managed Delivery

  • Deliver the right food
  • To the right person
  • At the right time

You have options

Covid is attacking your restaurant. But you don't have to let 3rd party delivery companies squeeze all of your profit.

Dine.Direct will help you though the crisis.