Custom Drawn Avatar with Ten Variations

$270.00 $230.00

Make you public menu sizzle with your own custom avatar, drawn just for you by our professional artists in Argentina.



Promote the brand and feeling of your restaurant with your personal, custom drawn avatar. There is no better way to make your guests feel welcome online. Our professional design team makes your ideas spring to life. We can adapt current mascots, take a picture of your favorite nice or draw really anything that inspires you.  We’ve drawn everything from people to pots to pigs.

The process takes about a week.  You will start in a meeting with a senior graphic artist.  In a couple days they will present you with initial sketch ideas and get your feedback. We will keep making changes until you are happy with the look of your new restaurant avatar. Then we will draw all of the personalities and install them onto your public menu.

If you want to present that full brand experience, creating your custom avatar is a great way to go.